Thursday, March 8, 2018

Restored Republic update as of March 7, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 7, 2018
A. March 6 2018
1. On Sat. March 3 the Iraqi budget was on Iraqi TV. The new Dinar rate was expected to be published in the Iraqi Gazette tomorrow Wed. March 7 (midnight tonight EST). If so, the Dinar would be international at that time.
2. Iraq's lower denominations were discussed on Iraqi TV today March 6. They have them out.
3. The Dinar is moving up in value.
4. Tonight March 6 there was a Trading frenzy where we were seeing 15 different currencies fluctuating their rates.
5. Out West certain groups were being paid today March 6.
6. Staffing at Redemption Centers was set to go full speed. Some will be going 24/7, others, just in the daytime hours.
7. There was no limit on any currency. There was no cap on the Zim. There were no zeros coming off any currency including the Zim.
8. Some of Bruce's intel sources were sitting at Table Top meetings.
9. You could designate whatever percentage you wanted for humanitarian efforts and for yourself.
10. The only thing that was taxable was on the interest that went to you.
11. The IMF and World Bank have been meeting to decide what monies should go to each country. The last three countries were signed off by this morning. At 10 am EST this morning March 6 we were put into a 48 hour window for the RV/GCR, That takes us to Thurs. morning March 8, though it could happen before.
B. March 6 2018
Judy Note: The time for this to happen was said to be in hours and days, not weeks, or months. Some hydration has occurred to prepare for the next phase of the plan. Please take the below summary of the last few days as soley my opinon of intel posted on the Internet - all of which was subject to change on a moment's notice.
Wed. Feb. 28
On Feb. 28 a revised Paris Agreement was signed by Trump, which means NESARA GESARA was ready to be implemented.
On Feb. 28 it was reported that the Chinese Families were being paid out from 1 to 3pm EST that day, which was a prerequisite for the public to begin currency exchanges.
On Feb. 28 an Executive Order was signed to collapse the Stock Market, bring in the gold/asset-standard and nationalize banks. It done so under the Republic (not the USA, Inc.) - the Alliance's final killing blow to the Cabal. Sometime before March 16 we could see a 40-50% plunge in the Stock Market over the course of an unknown amount of days.
Once the Stock Market reached the point of no return, the gold/asset-standard would be introduced and the RV released.
The new financial system should be in-place after March 16 and before March 26.
Thurs. March 1
An Executive Order and 636-page annex was issued on March 1 by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Department of Defense to get civilian legal help and prepare the public for Cabal Nuremberg-type military tribunals.
Trump Announces Steel Tariffs, Stocks Plunge…/trump-announces……/trump-says-will-order-tariffs-on-s…
Sun. March 4
On Sun. March 4 the Iraq budget was approved and became law.
Mon. March 5
Because the new Dinar rate was not approved with the Iraqi budget on March 4 (due to Kurds problems), the Iraqi Parliment re-voted and passed on the new Dinar rate March 5.
Iraq was paying out their people/groups on March 5. Iraq had 15 days for Abadi to sign the resolution, and three more days to publish the Budget in the Iraqi Gazette, though it was thought that they would do it immediately so they could get on with the RI/RV.
Wed. March 7
The Iraqi ministry-affiliated National Trade System has announced that all traders were prohibited from registering their import orders using the US dollar as of Wed. March 7 and by that time, Iran would also be dumping the US Petrodollar. Get Ready: Iran Just Dumped the Dollar
Mon. March 26
Yuan Oil-Gold Future Contracts were going live on March 26. ASEAN was moving to nationalize Cabal-owned central banks. China was starting gold-backed Yuan oil futures trading. Soon only Japan, Israel, and part of the U.S. would remain under any form of Cabal financial control.
Sat. March 31
Everything must be done this financial quarter, which ends March 31, 2018.
Bank Exchanging/Redeeming
You exchange currencies at Exchange Centers, Banks and if you also have Zim bonds, at Redemption Centers.
You redeem Zim bonds at HSBC/Wells Fargo Redemption Centers.
To get the Zim Bonds off the street they were going to try to restrict the first seven days of redemptions/exchanges to HSBC and Wells Fargo Redemption Centers.
They plan on having all Zim redemptions done within 30 days. Redeem all of your Zim ASAP because the bonds won't be worth anything after 30 days.
If you buy/sell/exchange anywhere but at the bank or an official Exchange or Redemption Center, you likely would not only be paid less, but have to pay state and federal taxes on the deal.
You could ask at your 800 number call to exchange/redeem with the two lead banks HSBC or Wells Fargo, said to give you the best rates (both owned by the Chinese).
If you want to go to a bank other than the two lead banks it will probably take you a week to get an appointment.
Structured Payouts
All Contract Rates and Zim Redemptions have structured payouts and require signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement.
The NDA would bar you from talking about what exchange rate you received.
There were 5-10-15 and 25 year structured payouts.
The bank structured payout for the Dinar Contract was 1-5 years. The NDA was 12 pages with 2 definition pages, 4 signature pages, with a length of 1 to 5 years.
The maximum long term payout for the Zim was firmly set at 25 years. It could be shorter depending on how much you have and your age.
Currency/Bond Rates
You could only exchange up to $1 billion total currency. The Zim was a bond, not a currency, so this limit did not include Zim Bond monies used for humanitarian purposes.
The Dinar Conract rate at the bank was $28.50, which only applied to your first $10 million dinar. The rest of Dinar that you had would be exchanged at the screen rate. The Dinar Screen Rate on Sat. March 3 was over $4, on Sun. March 4 was over $5 and was expected to be even higher on March 5.
Tony was told that if you gave the rest of your Dinar above $10 million to another entity to exchange at the $28.50 Contract rate, that they would take it from you/them, plus it would likely violate your signed Non Disclosure Agreement, resulting in all of your bank accounts being frozen.
The Dong Rate has always been around $.47. On March 2 the Dong Rate was at $1 plus.
For the next six months the Zim screen rate would be between $.11 cents & $.22 cents.
Zimbabwe put a maximum of ten 100T Zim notes that any one person could exchange and ten x 100T as a lifetime cap.
Due to the limit of only being able to exchange up to 100 Trillion Zim at your first bank appointment, they have worked out a system for you to exchange the rest that you have. They would likely put your Zim notes into a safe place such as SKR.
The Zim Bond redemption would likely be taxed (possibly at 20%).
Currency exchanges will not be taxed.
The new federal personal income tax law, H.R. 1 enacted into law by Congress in Dec. 2017 and made effective as of Jan. 1, 2018, has the immediate legal effect of completely destroying the current I.R.S. personal income tax collection, strips the Federal Department of Justice naked in the courtroom of all of its Constitutional arguments and exposes the Federal Judiciary’s unlawful enforcement of the Federal personal income tax under the 16th Amendment over the last 60 years.
The Fed has existed for 105 years, and our currency system for 150 years. Nobody has everwitnessed before what is about to happen in this country - even way before we were born. This IS history.
Canadian Secret Intelligence Service officials say the anonymous “Q” posts being looked at now by 20 million people were part of a military intelligence battle against the deep state. QAnon is a group of U.S. Army Military Intelligence officials
that are disclosing classified information about real life events involving the White House.…...
NESARA will eliminate all debt on the planet. Leaders in each country will communicate with a world council, which will be a new type of government. The UN and the Federal Reserve won't be here.Taxes and the IRS will be dissolved. Taxes will only be through buying something new. Some of those tax revenues will go to the federal government, some to the state, the county and city. Mortgages and property taxes go away. People who go to work will take home all of their pay.
Feb. 25 2018 NESARA and GESARA Laws: Sheldan Nidle
NESARA was the National Economic Security and Reformation Act
GESARA was the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act
1. Forgives all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt.
2. Abolishes income tax.
3. Abolishes the IRS: employees are transferred to the US Treasury National sales tax area.
4. Creates 14% flat rate non -essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government.
5. Increases benefits to senior citizens via Social Security ($5k per month per citizen).
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement.
9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates new US Treasury currency, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated in 1933.
11. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System and restores financial privacy.
12. Establishes Peace, and ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide
13. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
14. Enables the release of over 6000 patents of suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, antigravity and sonic healing machines.