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EXODUS - Movement of the People, Intro to Exodus from the System



Step 1. Introduction to Exodus from the System


Bob is not a Slave! 


What if we told you the keys to SOVEREIGNTY was right under your nose?
What if we told you it was all to do with your NAME and your BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
Are you willing to learn what is an Infant and reclaim your Sovereign status, as a living ‘flesh and blood man/woman’?
We know you have been down the rabbit hole, or you wouldn’t be reading this. We know you have come close, but just couldn’t find the missing KEYS that ties it all together.  We know that you have been slammed by this corrupt government and even locked up. Here is your ‘real’ chance to learn who you really are.
What if I told you ‘a government entity’ took your name, created a company out of it, traded it on the stock market and made $10,000,000 out of you? How would you feel? Well that is exactly what the government did and then fed you peanuts over your lifetime, to administer your affairs and pocketed millions from your name.
For one to EXODUS out of the SLAVERY DEBT SYSTEM and into God’s Kin Dom [freedom zone, special place free from government, natural living, Hapu, Nation, tribal sovereign nation], one needs to go back to source, to your first breath and learn who you really are. Part of this process is to revoke the Birth Certificate to those that created it and stand up as a LIVE FLESH AND BLOOD MAN/WOMAN.
Slavery System: Is a system under which people are treated as property  by transferring their Sovereignty into an instrument at birth, named a [Birth Certificate]. You are then issued a Tax File Number, forced to pay taxes, fees, fines, registration and any other fee that the [De facto] Government and its Corporations places on you. 
Do you want to live in a natural state, free to make your own choices, no taxes or registrations, live in harmony with others  who wish to evolve, move up to another level, to do what is right?
We have formulated a process that can assist you, sharing with you the NZ protectorates as a template, for you to resurrect yourself as a “SOVEREIGN”, which in effect takes you completely out of the hands of the Government and Judicial System.  However this ‘KEY’ comes with several stages of learning that we need to massage you through, in order for you to actively, confidently and without question, allow you to “Stand in your Truth as a Sovereign meaning livingand walk as a “Free Sovereign on the Land” free from unlawful and illegal devaluing, diminishing, abrogating, subjugating, subordinating, usurping, invading and violating of ones BE’ing.
What you are about to learn, if you follow the Exodus process, is upsetting, can also be overwhelming, can be lonely, however [no word of a lie] ITS EXTRAORDINARY.
It is hard to believe the reality. Watch this Why you have no rights
We have to pull you through the eye of the needle and train you to
‘Walk’ and ‘Talk’ like a Sovereign
To walk as a Sovereign under God’s Lore, Laws.
If you follow the Exodus Process, you can learn some of the processes to resurrect yourself as a Sovereign, “True in your Standing”
Although we all want to Exodus out of this fraudulent and corrupt system, otherwise known as the Settlers Government / Matrix, you have to ask yourself……“Is this really what you want to do”.
Here’s how it all began……. Certain ACTS (go to Understanding Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 – Existence of Life https://exodus200.wordpress.com/step-1a-understanding-cestui-que-vie-act-1666/) enable the tracking of all Persons, Subjects or otherwise known as Infants. These tracking processes begin with the Registration of all Births. A Birth Certificate is issued with the name in LOWER CASE and/or CAPITAL LETTERS. In legal terms the CAPITAL LETTERS represent a TITLE not a Living Being. The CAPITAL LETTER TITLE represents, the ‘Title Of The Property’ of ‘The Crown In Right of your country’.
The Birth Certificate is the Certificate of Ownership. It is cataloged by number. The Certificate is held with the Vatican, presented to the World Bank or International Monetary Fund as collateral for a loan. The ‘Property’ has an expected lifespan of 65 to 85 years as a Consumer. Each ‘Property’ is thought by some to be worth millions during a life time and increases when The ‘Property produces Infants’.
The Registration of Birth transfers authority to ‘The Crown In Right’. Remember the Crown is the judiciary. It then issues a Birth Certificate which confirms the birth of the ‘Property’ not a ‘Human Being’. The Property is also an Infant. The Birth Certificate gives ‘The Crown In Right of Your Country’ complete authority as a “parent”.
A Birth Certificate gives title of the ‘Property’ to the Crown which then confirms with the InLand Revenue Department and/or Taxation Office that the Person, Subject or Infant using the property would like an IRD or TFN number. Other tracking processes include marriage or union certificates, school registration, vehicle license, driver’s license, passport, mortgage, rates, electoral roll, death certificate. Their purpose is to ensure that the whereabouts of the Person, Subject or Infant using the property is known at all times.
This video will confirm this information pertaining to your BORN IDENTITY…


IN SHORT – It is actually a DEATH CERTIFICATE. It is a Fictitious LEGAL Entity. It is a NAME that is soon after made into CAPITALS [Check your bills], it is made into a Trading Name’ 1970122825’, then they turn it into a Corporation, Trade you on the New York Stock Exchange in your ‘Weight in Gold’, Monies created go to the Cesta Que Trust and all the [de facto] Government/Corporations use the monies to pay all accounts [pre-paid, paid in full, pre-approved]. They then look at us, the ‘deceased’ ‘infants’ ‘zombies’, and ask us for the monies AGAIN [double dip], as they are ADMINISTERING OUR AFFAIRS [because we are in an INFANT STATE ] until we wake up.
PERSON – A person means a birth certificate containing registration information. A Corporation. A Dead Legal Entity.

Learn more about Birth Certificate Fraud and how to learn the name Loose the Name
DEATH OF THE SOVEREIGN: Happened when your mother signed your birth certificate. It made you a STILL BORN or DEAD and made your mother the INFORMANT. Transferring all the functions, duties, powers, authorities, rights, privileges and dignities belonging to the Crown to the Sovereign’s successor, the Parliament of England. Act of Settlement 1700 (12 and 13 Will 3 c 2)
HOW DO I START TO EXODUS:  A lot of people will get to this stage and say “I’m ready”…. then read on, take a back step, and say “I can’t do this, I’ll just stay where I am, I can’t conform to the standards of the Sovereign Kin Dom. I can’t give up my habits, my temptations, my addictions. I can’t give up my fortnightly $300 benefit.  I will just have to pay taxes and live under this corrupt government”.  That is alright too. You need to be clear in your mind as to whether you are going to “follow the yellow brick road” and collect the ‘KEYS’, as you move through the stages of learning.
“To ‘know Thyself’ is considered quite an accomplishment.”
~L. Frank BaumThe Marvelous Land of Oz
The path we walk is filled with joyful experiences, challenges, forks in the road and occasional road blocks to help us gain experience. It is the journey of a lifetime! Road blocks, challenges and forks in the road are there to help us heal and come back to ourselves and the path we chose before we took this human body.
We are bound to meet untruths that are deeply hidden within our psyche and some of these we falsely believe to be our own truth. One of the biggest challenges is to find out which of our “beliefs” is really our truth or someone else’s. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves which causes us to make a mountain out of a small stepping stone.  To help you uncover the false beliefs you hold imagine if the scarecrow, tin-man and lion are inside of and a part of you.
This is an INDIVIDUAL WALK. You must learn it and walk it yourself. No one can do it for you.  If you think your son will learn it and do the paperwork for you, then this is not for you.  If you think you will skip the steps to the process, then this is not for you. If you still want to receive your benefit, then this is not for you. If you have temptations and addictions, this is not for you. Why? because if you get pulled up by the police and you  have not learnt the process, you will FAIL which would mean being entrapped in their Judicial System! This is not what we want for you. This process is to help you as much as we possibly can, but you need to put in the hours, do the research and write your own letters. You need to be honest with yourself and stand in your truth.
“True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid…”
~L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
You are being tested over and over again by God, to see how bad you  really want your SOVEREIGNTY, and want the ‘KEY TO YOUR KIN DOM’. Some of the questions will take you to a whole new level of understanding that you are not accustomed to, but that is why this is being asked of you. Some of you will think… “I will get the information and run with it and set up my own system”, well that too is all good. Learn and Share.
One last thing…..We are taking paramount steps for ourselves, our families, our people with the intention of ONENESS and HUMANITY. I am representing you and you are representing me. Stay Strong and Stand in your Truth.
Due to the struggles of all First Nations Peoples, trying aimlessly, against all odds, to stand up and Unite, it has always been obvious to us all, that information has been withheld and hidden away under hundreds of years of deception. We have had everything taken from us by Dead Laws and Government(s) that invaded our shores, made profits of our lands, stole our lands and then signed us out with a single pen stroke.  In the meantime we have grown up starving and struggling to keep the roof over our heads.
Following are the NZ Protectorates that are used by sovereigns in their walk. Each country will have protectorates that you will have to find, learn and walk with accordingly.
  1.  INTERNATIONAL & CROWN PROTECTORATES – New Zealand National United Tribes Flag 1835?
    NZ National United Tribes Flag 1835
  2. INTERNATIONAL PROTECTORATE of the Te Ture Whenua Maori Maori Land Act 1993 [Law of the Land]?
  3. INTERNATIONAL PROTECTORATES (i) Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice 1845; and (ii) Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948; and (iii) International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 1969; and (iv) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976; and (v) The Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples 1994-2007; and (vi) The International Bill of Human Rights 1948; and (vii) General Assembly resolution 1803 (XVII) of 14 December 1962, “Permanent sovereignty over natural resources” and (viii) Charter of the United Nations and (viiii) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1976 and (x) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976 and (xi) Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976  with special attention to THE CORE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS INSTRUMENTS and their monitoring bodies
  4. INTERNATIONAL PROTECTORATES of the Letters Patent with full rights and powers of Letters Patent.
  5.  INTERNATIONAL PROTECTORATES of the Crown Protectorates and Common Law Doctrine: Magna Carta for all humanity, Section 39; Halsbury’s Statutes 3rd edition, Volume 36 – Statutes, paragraph 559 page 337 paragraph 12, 12(1); Standing Orders; Te Wakaputanga 1835 [The Declaration of Indepdence 1835]; Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1840 [The Treaty of Waitangi 1840]; New Zealand Constitution Act (United Kingdom) 1846 section 10; 1846 Royal Charter and Instructions, chapter xiv; and the Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1875 (38 &39 Vict. c. 51.).

OUR ACTIONS AND INTENT ARE AS ‘ONE’: We are all connected through our shared Humanity. When you learn to see that our differences are superficial and our similarities manifest, sympathy (or worse, pity) gives way to compassion. Our actions shift from one of “us helping them” to one of “for the good of All”. We become One. The mindset behind our actions and your actions, must be noble, holistic, Universal and non-partisan. Be mindful that ego and self-service have no place in Spiritual Activism like Exodus.
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