Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mars is Inhabited by Humans and We Have a Secret Pact with Aliens, Space Activist Reveals

Do you know WHY we the People have not been allowed to read the Terms of the Greada Treaty, the TauNine and the TPP?
It's because they make slavery, human-trafficking, soul-trafficking and drug-trafficking LEGAL and LAWFUL throughout the Galaxy, after the habit and custom of the Annunaki, who were pirates before Earth had people living here.
Maritime Law was written by Temple Bar, Inns of Court at City of London, to pander, aid, enable and abet these cynical practices.
And the RESULTS and OUTCOMES of these Treaties and their crimes of Piracy: Do you know how many babies, children and young people are disappearing off this world each and every year? Three-quarters of a million, while yet Luciferian globalists claim and whine there are too many people here.
A million humans a year are sold into galactic slavery, or their body parts, or their souls captured and sold, and nobody does anything about it.