Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Robert Potter's photo. 

I am happy to announce a series of interviews with Corey Goode of the Blue Sphere Alliance. There will first a two part interview of 1 hour each between Corey and myself. The exact dates are not set yet but Corey is selecting dates from his busy schedule .
These two hours will be prerecorded and released towards the end of March if all goes well. A special announcement about the monthly Victory of The Light Radio Rob/ Cobra interviews will be made at the end of March also please be patient and wait for that if you will.
I will ask for your contributions for a good show if you will send me well thought out , intelligent and respectful questions of Corey via my e-mail on my website with the subject line to read "Corey Goode" I will be grateful.
Please be aware your questions may not be asked due to time restrictions. Corey has agreed it is time for the people to be able to have some questions directed to him directly and I am honored for the Victory of The Light Radio Show to be the place for this to happen.
We are also setting a date for a joint interview with Cobra and Corey to take place towards the end of March if all goes well. The joint interview will be released on late March or in April and be transcript only due to modulation of Cobras voice.
We will take questions for that inteview as well and those questions selected by me will then be asked to both Corey and Cobra. In this way so they can compare Intel for us to glean insight on varying subjects and viewpoints. Subject line on these question should read "cobra / corey".
I must be clear I have respect for both of these gentlemen and this interview is intended to allow the followers of both of these insiders to join towards a common goal. There will be no controversy generated Cobra and Corey both have spoken about us coming together towards a goal and this is that time.
This goal is for imediate total and complete disclosure to humanity. We can all handle the truth! The criminals views that we cannot handle the complete truth is because they wish to delay justice and continue their reign of terror on this world and others. By uniting together under the cause of Truth without judgement of various differences and points of view we can begin to heal our world.
I feel all of us will be adjusting our long held beliefs and views on what we think has been going on. From my personal experiences I feel the some of the Glass Pad information is not correct. I am sure some things I have had firm view ponts on will yeild to overwhelming evidence to the contray as well.
Cobras information and many other sources of info may under go modification due to the open release of information that will assuredly take place as we move forward. With the real and full blown Interplanetary cultral exchange 8.88 version that is soon to be realized throughout the world we can get to the business of living our heartsong openly. The limited exchange that has been taking place between private citizens based on love and light must merge with the secret space program side of the equation.
The criminal element and elitists of the SSP will be purged to be healed under a grand design beyond the view of earth based humans. this delay will be until such time it can be done safely for all involved. Their version of disclosure version .666 is outdated and will no longer function under the new upgrades to humanities consciousness. so have no fear they are on the way out it cannot be stopped victory is near.
I have been told what we consider hostile space people who have been engaged in un ethical and unholy relationships with the leaders of the SSP will be arrested in their actions step by step. They will be healed if they recognize the violations of universal laws and principals and seek to correct their thoughts deeds and actions towards all beings. There will be a great deal to reconcile with the "Force" if i may put it that way.
Their intransigient and hostile reactions will be dealt with accordingly by beings who will mirror their aggression to a successful conclusion is all I will say. Wether this is in the hands of the Blue sphere alliance remains to be seen.
Respect is due to people like Manning, Snowden, Cobra and Corey for coming forward. We must not polarize ourselves into camps of close minded people afraid of another persons information. Our discernment is crucial to weigh against the information proffered.
Trust me when I Promise you The TRUTH will be Revealed in due course as advanced technologies of crystals are released with akashic records of the earths true history both ancient and recent.
We may eventually witness holographic recordings of the very ancient progresses and declinations of earths humanity. I pray this soon so we may learn and never allow ourselves to be misled again.
We are now learning and growing at a very rapid pace and a fluid like flexibility to information received must be butressed buy faith and an unshakable adherence and integrity towards love and the golden rule. These principals of allowance and allegiance toward each other as family will see us through the immense changes upon not only our societal infra structure but upon the nature of our luminous bodies of light and the mantle of our beloved mother earth.
Be in Peace All is Well
Rob Potter