Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Hologram We Are In

What we are in is a hologram

Its all a construct
What we are in is a hologram
Space is our CC-the real space
Every planet/star is DNA-
They cut Source out
They had to re-create
So they made a bunch of rubbish
They created this time prison material matrix
Everything is ran off of a quantum computer.
Think quantum physics.
The red kachina is embedded in the programme but is merely a hologram on the program in the sky
The effects of the red kachina are loaded SEPARATELY as having effects onto the program
The programmer chooses the effects
Nothing is real until we sense it with one of our senses
The programmer chooses effects
Earthquake here. At this time. Manually entered
Then the programmers fight.
One downgrades the earthquake while another increases it.
Blah blah blah
Sky color is also controlled. So is weather
The effects we are feeling because of Red Kachina are because they are loaded onto the program
Because M took over to load it
Obviously ENLIL wouldn’t have loaded it
Neither would Enki
Obviously M loaded the 666 program with Red Kachina in it
So Set and Lilith have their desires met in 666 (war, aliens, blah blah blah) and we…
Have ours
Two different agendas.
One combined program
This construct is done. No more LOOSHing. No more. They get to loosh to the end of them.
Loosh away until they are destroyed
CHECKMATE. Good riddance
We are safe. We take ours and get out
Timelines have merged … One outcome
Two programmes … Beast and M
One outcome…the nova
Except that we will have been gone before it started
Everything is cleaned eventually
No escape
They cannot override Source
Cos that is natural
Everything is run by quantum computers IE DNA light
Biological light plasma

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