Monday, August 3, 2015

"The Greatest Moment in Human History" The New Technology That Free's Humanity

Above is an article in the Italian News regarding Mr Keshe and the "Greatest Moment In Human History" during 72nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 30 2015.
Here is a rough English translation:

National - Rome - Milan - Bari
A Barletta engineer Keshe and his studies on the "free energy", "The inventions available to all"
culture & spettacoloby redazione_bat - July 31, 2015
"We will continue to teach the new scientific criteria and systems that will pave the way to a process of using the new technology to establish peace.
We teach you the step-by-step, to implement what it takes to achieve the ultimate goal of the Foundation, which is to facilitate and, ultimately, strengthen peace in the world through the applications and implications of the use of new technologies ".
Level, especially that of Keshe Foundation, for years engaged in the dissemination of "free energy" through studies conducted by engineer Iranian nuclear Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, that Thursday, July 30 held a conference in Barletta, in the conference room of the Logistics Centre site Via Andria.
Professor Keshe travels the world presenting the results of his studies in the field of energy between the enthusiasm of the supporters and the skepticism of his critics, who complain that the long delays in the transition from theory to practical application of his findings "revolutionary".
A Barletta an audience of businessmen, academics and journalists followed the conference, broadcast live streaming video and ended with various interventions abroad, during which the engineer Keshe exhibited, with the cooperation of his staff, the results of His research, starting from what has been achieved in Japan for the denuclearization of the sites affected by the Fukushima disaster. The test of his method performed on samples of water and soil contamination, in synergy with the Japanese government organizations, have in fact tested positive, "trapping" the radioactivity.
A technology that, therefore, allow a significant reduction of costs compared to traditional methods of denuclearization of waste, that Prof.. Keshe wants to put "at the disposal of mankind."
For several months the Iranian scientist has established his base of operations in Italy and is convinced that his studies "will create many jobs, as the technology is developed with the support of Italian companies and will have different fields of application, especially in the field of innovative materials."
Great interest and curiosity aroused two inventions: a generator of energy using a five kilowatt will enter into the power grid and a system of production of energy for cars that frees itself from the need to use gasoline as fuel. "It will record the patents, because I want these inventions are free to use, available to all," said Keshe.
The research of his Foundation, a non-profit organization active in the field of space research, focus also on the generation and control of gravitational fields, with the aim of developing applications that could help "solve the most fundamental problems of world, such as lack of energy, water, food and environmental contamination ".
In recent years, researches have been finally directed on the dynamics of electrically charged plasma and used as an energy source.