Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Post from Drake for those paying attention. 6/30/2015

>>>Just So You Will Know<<<
I'm hearing all sorts of things about the coming fun.
So, time ta clear the air...
When everything goes 'broke', then what?
If anyone thinks they are immune or out of the way, ya be very and seriously wrong.
I have told everyone to get and be 'ready', and how to.
Where does that leave us all?
IF you got basically ready as I told you to be, the seriousness becomes largely lessened.
IF not, shame on you. Those who got ready might not share with those who refused to listen... then what do you do? Punt? Go hungry?
Emergency 'rations' stores have been laid up, food and water.
These are to be 'rationed' out to those in dire need.
A 'Temporary' interim government is ready to go.
We The People are to 'decide' who is to be in charge of running the mess until it can be fully cleaned up.
The clean up will require Everybody!!!
Most of the work has been designated to people like me who knows not only how, but can offer restructuring of the mistakes made, etc.
Most all 'law' will be rescinded, negated, and erased in order that none of it has any effect.
Understand that finance will be taken down.
This will cause great anxiety for a lot of people.
I offer that everyone staying calm, will help allow a smooth transition from the fixed/crooked/system we now have.
This is 'Critical' to restarting our Republic correctly.
There are several 'agendas' that the different groups think will work.
I strongly suggest we use the Constitution + Amendments 1 through the new 14th. 13 was supposed to eliminate slavery, however, the real 13th deals with 'Titles Of Nobility', thus the slavery amendment is the 14th. A part of the present 14th is correct and will be left in tact.
From there on, we make the new 'rules' or 'Amendments'.

As to those who oppose all of this, there are more good guys than bad guys.
The bad guys are getting hammered from all sides, and being subjected to real (as real as it can be) laws, rules, and regulations. A part of this is so the 'regulators' look good and we don't come after them as well.
Whenever anyone takes action, too many people are watching for them to get away with business as usual...
The new 'Justice' will be based in Common Law...and that scares the whatever out of the bad guys, as they are all guilty.
Freedom is not free.
Each person will need a working knowledge of their individual responsibilities as Free people.
Further, there will be a return to Personal Accountability.
No one will be above the law, nor immune to it.
This includes everyone in any and all public offices.
Equal protection under the law, carries Oath of Office, Public Trust, and other legal responsibilities, no matter who don't like it.
How many are willing to stand up?
And do your 'Duty' as Citizens of our Constitutional Republic?