Monday, June 29, 2015

Indian temple built by Aliens, Kailasa Temple, Ellora

Evidence grows for secret space program disclosures & crimes against humanity trials

Please join facebook group , I do not Consent - Louisiana to put forth your intent to not consent to Illuminati Controllers

This is a formal statement of my intent as a human being with the freedom to choose my future.
I do not consent to any illuminati controllers other than my own souls higher self.
I do not consent to any technology, implants, or any other form of mind control to be used upon my physical body, etheric/energy body or soul that gives any of my vibrations to anyone other than those I consciously wish to share it with.
I do not consent to anything that is not in my highest and best interests.
My mind, body and soul and any creative ideas, and energy that my emotions produce is my own to do with as I wish.
Gaia supports my intention, and my connection to Her is unbreakable until I alone choose otherwise.
The Natural in my body and the spirit of my soul are completely my own and no other being, be that Human or artificial intelligence has any right or ability to break these bonds.