Saturday, June 27, 2015

A post from my Log, June 9th 2012

Earth Date Gregorian calendar Tuesday, June 9th 2012

Along the way I believe I have found direction through the Internet, strangely enough.
It in itself appears to me as a conciseness .
As the mind has good thoughts and incorrect thoughts the Internet has good thoughts and incorrect thoughts.
As I see it at present we as humans have been programmed to fight each other from birth. Life appears to be something that to survive you must be fit. Yeah survival of the fittest. It starts at birth and we begin to set our children in front of the TV set. We corrupt the mind at an early age and they end up going to fight in a war somewhere. Could it be that if we would fight the true enemy of our soul is our mind and instead of fighting each other we should fight and win the battle of our mind. First let us examine what the battle of our mind is.