Monday, June 15, 2015

Transcript from 3rd hour of Cosmic voice radio show June 11, 2015

portion of transcript of June 11 2015 radio show~Thomas Williams~ 3rd hour
I did say I would say something if the opportunity arose, and I see anxiety on the page. Things have been happening on a massive scale behind the scenes some of which we could not release but I have now been given the go ahead to release this information. The most important thing is about to take place in th next 4 to 6 months is the head of the control system are leaving this planet. Permanently. The Draco have been instructed and are willingly going to leave this planet and their control over it. Now that is to happen in the fall, what will happen is everybody will feel and witness their leaving as they will remove all their technology with them. A lot of the veils, the lattice work for those that can remote view the Earth- all that will go then and will be obvious to every person. It will be a major major event. Now what is left is for those familiar with the Annunaki is one of the sons, and i won’t name him, has been left behind to deal with the mess- he does not particularly like being left behind and he tried to escape, or he tried to get outside help. But that got blocked and currently he is paying the consequences of that and its made the people who are involved with the preventing of that a lot stronger. Now the spin off to the Draco leaving leaves whats called the Parents whom are mainly humanist from what i understand who control the puppets underneath. They had a major earth based meeting, like I said they are based on the ground not up in space, a week past friday There is 21 of the, 11 walked out. The 11 who walked out are not prepared to continue the tyranny that has taken place on this planet. And the 10 Parents left with the son, they will continue to a degree but work is ongoing mainly on the ground and from above to convince the other 10 that enough is enough. Below the Parents is what called the covens, 13 of them, they are more fractured now than they have ever been over the past 26,000 years. They are throwing each other under the bus, they are in turmoil. And the lower puppets are also in turmoil which is why you are seeing the likes of Rumsfeld criticizing Bush- they are trying to save their own backs. It won’t work- they will still pay for their crimes. Along side of this, the Soul traps and Soul cubes. the implants has been removed permanently. No more (forced) reincarnation. That is now officially gone. The loss of the plasma tech is now officially gone. (an upper dimensional type of weapon that was being used to hold Humanity hostage by the Draco and human illuminati) Some of the clone making stations are gone, one of the major ones if gone completely. There is still others. So yes we might all be frightened of what is to come as its the final showdown, with the remnants, and it is remnants now. And further discussions will be ongoing with the person I have been speaking to and we may introduce them to the show at a later date. Know that major major things (actions) have taken place that are all for our benefit. When I kept saying they (ET’s) have leveled the playing field- they can’t intervene because unfortunately the majority of the people have not complained, it just as simple as that. When the majority stand up then things alter, they can only continue with their (black) magic when we continue to go along with it. I asked what would happen if Chaos ensued- and the response I got was that we will get external help, that if the Mother being is in jeopardy, not the people, the Planetary being, mother Earth is in jeopardy they will intervene. The offset of that is that it will delay the transition because we have to prove that we the people, not just America, the rest of the world also can stand on our own two feet. this when the Draco leave in the fall will give us an opportunity for the first tie in 26,000 years or at least 13,000 years for Humanity to choose to stand on their own as adults. That news I kinda had to hold onto but that is the best news for all of us, and yes there is still a lot to be done but it is as simple as saying we are not putting up with it anymore.

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