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Computer hacking linked to extraterrestrial disclosure & future War Crimes trials



Chloe Erika Kirker Part 4 Illuminati AI shadow beings

What is key to know to stand up to the controllers as individuals:

The Illuminati are well aware of Humanities potential to overcome their control. They have succeeded in controlling Humanity by one thing alone, by keeping our individual and collective vibrational frequency low by keeping us in a continual state of fight or flight, trauma= a state of imbalance. This has been done, and allowed by the collective of humanity via many methods over a long period of time. Many examples could be written but given the readers awareness its not necessary to list them suffice to say as a collective we have been conditioned individually step by step to consent to, believe in various concepts that are not our own, are not even our histories, are not for our collective benefit..or even concepts that dont make any rational sense.. but by adopting them at any level, subconsciously even, we give consent.

One the main ways the illuminati keep us in a dis-empowered state of imbalance is to assign to each of us whats been called shadow beings.

Shadow "beings" are limited Artificial Intelligence (AI) entities that are attached to our auras, aka spheres of influence via our traumatized shadow aspects as implantpoints in order to gain influence over each of us negatively. In essence they are an Ai construct/program designed to control people and keep them maintained in a lower vibration tucked inside the matrix.

They are created and maintained by very human illuminati coven members. The illuminati covens were directed to write and utilize these Ai shadow "beings" programs by a type of being called the Parents. These Parents manage what each of the illuminati bloodlinefamily covens are tasked to do to keep Humanity under their control. All of us have an assigned a Ai shadow beingto each of us.

The Parents, who manage the illuminati covens are themselves the very worst in us, they are shadows exemplified..they have uncontrolled emotions to the extreme which is the very foodstuff they want to harvest from us. In a sense they are this way as they are the batteries to hold the emotional imbalance they trigger in us.
How the Ai shadow beingsfunction:

How the Shadow beingsare programmed to disempower us is to counter everything we do positive in our lives. The shadow beings mirror, attempts to reverse all actions we do to raise our vibration. They were designed by Human programmers to compound, make worse any negative thoughts a person may have, or implant the thought directly. The key part to realize is that the thoughts they implant, emphasize are ones they know we ourselves would have, or have had. They know they need to base it on our own shadow aspects, fears, otherwise we would not accept it as our own!

Thus by each of us becoming aware in ourselves of the darker aspects in us that needs balancing we can nullify the powerthe Ai shadow beingshave over us. This is the antidote to the false power the illuminati have over us on an individual level.

Something else very important that has been noted many times by persons who have interacted with Ai shadow beings is that the harder an individual tries to have outside of Earth, ET or otherwise contacts, like speaking with past over loved ones or calling on angels/guardians for protection often actually opens oneself up for greater levels of attacks by these AI constructs.

And due to the Ai shadow beings program being capable of appearing exactly as we expect our guides, angels etc. we can be fooled into giving very deep consent and thus energy to them. A thrice check (Are you of the Light?X3) can sometimes work to let someone know that the presence is not good, but an AI really does not have to follow that rule as its not a soul containing beingbound by the universal rules!

Bottom line its advisable to only call upon ones own higher self. Your higher self will ensure any that enter your aura are bonafide for your highest benefit!

* (see the Centering, grounding and shielding with revocation of consentsfor a good template for calling down ones own higher self within a shield.)

And even when we do achieve emotional balance the Ai shadow beingswill be directed by the covens to work with others Ai shadow beingsof people around us who are not in balance to create situations to hurt us! We cannot do anything about others going jekyl and hydeon us but just by being aware that this could be the case makes it easier to not take it personally and perhaps remove yourself from that persons presence until the day they ask or say whats going on with me, Im not myself, im sorry..
(Thats your chance to explain the Ai shadow beingsto them!)

A lot of articles and concepts put forth in the freedom movement, Et contacts, intel sources, youtube, forums etc. has been telling us help will comefor us, it is- but it is not what we want, it is however what we the form of situations that teach us to stand strong and tall and to accept nothing less than freedom from our controllers. If we balance our inner realms then they have nothing to work with, no foothold to stand on. For each of us that get free we shine as a light of such clarity and brightness, an example for others to do the same.

How to find balance and immunity from Ai shadow beings:

To find balance in oneself several practices can be done daily to return oneself to an unmovable centre point of power that the illuminati and their various technological programs are unable to affect you anymore.

A daily centring, grounding and shielding practice, done morning and night and at times when one feels its needed is essential.

Spend a few minutes a day or more in contemplation of the wounded parts in yourself as by beholding that wounded, grieving part/memory you are allowing yourself to really feel the heart centred emotions of whatever it is you know is at the core of negative stories/traumas replaying in your mind. Acknowledge it wholeheartedly and lightly!

One of the simplest ways to antidote negative thoughts in the moment is for each one you have is to think two positive ones, and have a laugh..go do something you love to do!

A honest analysis of ones own inner talk is very important, self inquiry about why certain thoughts come up in oneself that do not serve yourself or others in a healthy way.

To balance darker aspects in oneself, its not to destroy, buryor run from a scaryaspect of oneself, its to rectify it, understand ourselves fully. So that when we are being triggered to perceive one of our darker thought forms in a way that it feels way worse than it is in actuality we know that we are being worked on by these shadow beingsThen one can choose to take actions to emotionally and psychically defend ourselves by shielding.

There would be no light without dark-its the centre point of power between the polar aspects in all of us that will defeat the collective hold they have on Humanity-then we wont fall for any illusions!

One of life's greatest teachers is whatever we deny vehemently of ourselves, interestingly, this is always a good indicator of an area of life to sit in meditation and contemplate on until the absurdity of its being an enemyis released and be friended.

So forgive the uncomfortable parts of us, as by being gentle and forgiving to parts of us we have not accepted is to welcome back to us more of our own souls energy, and this makes us feel and BE more of the strong souls we all actually are! This is why the shadow beings want to keep us afraid to face our demonsafraid to face the boogyman.

Doing this will bring integration and restore your inner balance..once one area in oneself is healed more will come but it will get easier and easier to do- either forgiving or releasing long stored traumas will allow yourself to recalibrate..and the added layers of the thoughts feeling that are not ours will be easier to repel, dispel with greater ease.

While doing your shield practice you may notice an area or feeling of discord within your sphere of influence, or may even see a dark shadowy shape, visualize a decreasing white circle spiral, spiralling continuously from beneath your feet to go up around your whole body-see it go all the way to the top of your head. Set the intention while visualizing this inner spiral shield that any being approaching it, or near it will be destroyed by fire or any other weapon of preference.

Just one month spent doing cheering, grounding and shielding daily and as per needed will gain you so much more confidence and raw strength to endure, even thrive to see this to its inevitable end and transformation to what we all so desire!

This is a gift and a curse depending on how each relates to the information presented in this article. One can either continue to deny the IN the dark aspects of oneself or they can choose to integrate them, feel and heal them and become whole and sovereign. (bring Light into the dark and dark into the Light!) Each of our higher selves, our god selves want us to integrate- find balance, that is why we are here, to learn this in the world made by hands of flesh- where each and every small to great action results in very real consequences or gifts. Its our choice to make our actions congruent to what we truly desire. If we want freedom from our controllers, freedom from the assaults on our psyches, bodies and souls integration is the way.

At the basis, cornerstone of this all the controllers is a dog eat dogmentality that the illuminati want us to exhibit, a competitiveness they have ingrained in us that reflects their own material ownership goals. To continue to eat us energetically they need us to be just a little like them, unbalanced, confused and unhappy. We are not dogs! The lower levels of the illuminati we are to take back our freedom from are, however. The abused dogsof the controllers above them! This can all end when we have the information we need to know to be able to sense when the shadow beings are prodding us..then and only then will they have no power here.

The waveform Gaia asked for and began to have sent Her way as of 2002 is also loosening the controllers ability to weave the spells, sorcery that bind these shadow beings to each of us, as well as other screens of deceptionother Ai tech, that runs the matrix. Many are beginning to glimpse the Ai shadow beings that are around them, mostly when one is about to sleep or waking up or in a traumatic event- that is your chance to hit them with all you got energy wise! We can speed it up by becoming more balanced and by revoking consents. The complex, wordy, revocations available out on the internet are not necessary and may actually be encoded transcripts to other controllers for all we know. (beware of any channeled, or any other spiritual new age guru really- most are actually working for the illuminati and are actually using or are Ai programs themselves!)

Just your own words that you resonate with are the most powerful, but make sure it includes some strongly worded statement about your own aura, your sphere of influence being completely free of any and all entities that are not your higher self or Ai constructs, and this should always be done from within a grounded shield as well.

What we are is very unique, dynamic and has never existed until now. Within all of Humanity is the capacity to be creator beings! Our pure strength of feeling, compassion and potential for creativity speaks to our real magic abilities. Each of us is so much stronger than any AI shadow being- its the ultimate illusion the illuminati have tricked us into be-lie-ve otherwise. If each of us free ourselves of the Ai shadow beings on each of us that will allow us to stand strong and unwavering to any further psy-ops they pull on us personally. The collective of Humanity will have the perfect example to reflect, instead of the shadow beings mirrors of illusion~

The power of one is incredible, if each of us heals our own shadow aspects others will notice as an integrated Human shines! and it WILL finally begin to spread like wildfire! for too long has this been deemed too hard to do~ it is not, thats the how and why the Ai shadow beings do what they do! to convince us its too hard! and once the one begins a daily practice to bit by bit feel and heal our in the dark parts it does get easier! and the illuminati will have no power to influence over any of us anymore! Let show them who we really are!


*Centering ~ the purpose of this practice is bring our selves to the present moment, to align all our bodies, body, mind and spiritual/heartspace. It takes only a minute or two, depending on your breathing rate of comfort. Say the words aloud or not but its best to hear yourself say them to reinforce them!
1st 3 breaths: Begin by taking three slow breaths,
On the Inhale, of the next 3 breathes, imagine you are breathing in Positive Lifeforce energy.
Hold IN your inhaled breath comfortably, just enough to note where tension is within your body. Exhale, Relaxing and Releasing all muscular tension that you noticed

2nd set of 3 breaths: for 3 more breaths Inhale in life-force energy again but on each exhalation - let go of the the stressful thoughts that occur to your mind..and let go of any further unnecessary muscle tension.
1. Let go of all thoughts and images about your actions/events from the past.
2. Clear your mind and your body of all concerns about what "should have" or "shouldn't have" happened in the past.
3. Let go of old burdens. Let go of trying to fix your problems
4. Completely drop any thoughts of trying to fix other people.
5. Let each exhalation become a cue to just let go of the past.
Say silently to yourself as you exhale: "I release my mind and body from the past."

3rd set of 3 breaths: Let go of all images and thoughts about what you think may happen in the future all the "what ifs." With each exhalation, clear your muscles, your heart, and your mind of trying to control the so-called future.
Say to yourself as you exhale: "I release my mind and body FULLY from the future worries or concerns."
Then in 4th set of 3 breaths, say to yourself as you exhale: "I'm choosing to be in this present moment FULLY, Effortlessly"
Let go of trying to control any other time or striving to be any particular way. If any body area is fighting this, send Loving thoughts, energies to this area, tell the body part: It is okay to be relaxed and in the moment, it is SAFE to be in the now
In the next few minutes relax and enjoy your centeredness! Feel your high Heart and embrace the Love that is naturally flowing out and around you, now that you are truly centered in the moment.
Then say to yourself as you exhale: "I am centered within my larger, wiser, stronger Self."
Final step to centering is very important as it brings all the centering you have done to the conscious mind, as all this counting of breaths has allowed a light trance to occur which is a natural state for this type of self work and ensures that you have anchored all your work fully through all layers of your bodies, physical, emotional and spiritual!
1. With your next three breaths count up from 1 to 3:
say One, I am becoming more alert and aware of my bodies alignment with each breath.
say Two, I am becoming even more alert and are bringing even more awareness to all your bodies that are in perfect alignment.
say Three, You are energized and fully centered and NOTHING from your past or future can move you from the present moment!
~take a few minutes to enjoy the present moment!~
To Ground, be a comfortable position, standing or sitting: Imagine you have roots growing from the bottom of your feet and from your root chakra, (which is your tailbone area)
Grow these roots right into the very depths of the Earth, Lock on, Anchor to the center of the Earth in just such a way as to embrace the Gaias Earths energies completely, comfortably, like engaging in a warm welcoming embrace.
With each breath in through your nose, to a count of threefill your lungs comfortably, slowly~ as you do this visualize drawing down to you your own higher self energy, see this in any way that speaks to your heart!
You as the incarnate here on Earth are the conduit to carry your specific, amazing higher self share with others around you and the Earth as She shares with you! See your higher self energies flow down your spine and out the root you anchored to Her center...this is a two way conduit of Love and Healing that will feed you and the Great Mother!
When you exhale, through the nose, with mouth closed, do so with a count of six, this is to fully real-ease all old airinternally held stress..release it all to the Earth, She can transmute it for you~feel your connection both physically and spiritually to the Earth.
Your breathing should be normal and easy. If you feel stressed while doing the breathing exercise, dont worry, just breathe at a comfortable pace for you~ it is the intent and visualizations of the directions of energy flow and release that does the work. Gaia wants us to be Balanced, it will help Her too, as She helps you ground via Her energies!
Now that you are Centered and Grounded, you may do your Shielding practice in complete assurance that your shield will be impenetrable!

*Shielding: Imagine a pure White or clear dome-like sphere all around you, be sure to make this a complete sphere underneath, around you, visualize this as a completely spherical impenetrable shield.
Once you have this imagined strongly in your minds eye anchor it, firmly knotting your shield to into your grounding root, assist this by seeing, imagining your shield substance grow to cover your whole grounding cord to the centre of the Earth, see it grow deep and strong!
This will ensure your shielding is powered by the Earth's energies even when you are not paying attention to it!
Next set your shield intention:
Say strongly and with much intent
This shield is impenetrable to all energies, beings, and Ai entities that are not for my best and highest benefit, ONLY my own higher self is allowed within my sphere of influence

While doing your shield practice you may notice an area or feeling of discord within your sphere of influence, or may even see a dark shadowy shape, if so visualize a decreasing white circle spiral, spiralling continuously from beneath your feet to go up around your whole body-see it go all the way to the top of your head.
Set the intention while visualizing this inner spiral shield that any being approaching it, or near it will be destroyed by fire or any other weapon of preference. (Do not worry about howto do this- just by your KNOWING this intention to be true you are real practicing protective magic, be confident and strong and what ever you say will be true!)
You may add anything to your shield that you see fit to- but the words set in bold are fairly important, you can experiment as it is important you feel right with your practices, and intuition phrasing but if its not working do try to say and visualize the words in bold to gain more effectiveness.
*Method that is very effective to repulse psychic attacks is to concentrate on the physical area, location of where you feel the attack, (this can be from the tech. ELF, Haarp or from a Ai entity, or another human)
To defend yourself concentrate on the pain, sensation in such a way as to amass it into one dense ball, pluck it out of you with your minds eye, then say out loud, I return this attack back to its senderand throw it back at them, it matters not if you know who is doing it, or if its Ai tech, it will come back to them

*Revocation of consents
Now while you are inside your shield state the following to ensure that all mal-intentioned beings, contracts, and agreements are nullified to reinforce your sovereignty. Say it like you mean it!
I revoke any and all agreements, consents, oaths and or contracts that are not for my highest benefit, made by myself or forced upon me by other beings, either consciously or sub-consciously!
All such pacts are nullified and cease to be binding in any way to my mind body and soul in all timelines
~Do these exercises when ever you feel frayed, attacked, nervy, knocked off balance by events in your life....then Have fun day or great sleep!~