Friday, June 12, 2015

Walter Fitzpatrick Sends SOS From Tenn Prison

Pawns in the Game, William Carr, It is the enemies play book, oops.

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Chloe Erika Kirker Part 2 , How the Ai shadow “beings” function

Part 2 How the Ai shadow “beings” function:
How the Shadow “beings” are programmed to disempower us is to counter everything we do positive in our lives. The shadow “beings” mirror, attempts to reverse all actions we do to raise our vibration. They were designed by Human programmers to compound, make worse any negative thoughts a person may have, or implant the thought directly. The key part to realize is that the thoughts they implant, emphasize are ones they know we ourselves would have, or have had. They know they need to base it on our own shadow aspects, fears, otherwise we would not accept it as our own!
Thus by each of us becoming aware in ourselves of the darker aspects in us that needs balancing we can nullify the “power” the Ai shadow “beings” have over us. This is the antidote to the false power the illuminati have over us on an individual level.
Something else very important that has been noted many times by persons who have interacted with Ai shadow beings is that the harder an individual tries to have outside of Earth, ET or otherwise contacts, like speaking with past over loved ones or calling on angels/guardians for protection often actually opens oneself up for greater levels of attacks by these AI constructs.
And due to the Ai shadow beings program being capable of appearing exactly as we expect our guides, angels etc. we can be fooled into giving very deep consent and thus energy to them. A thrice check (Are you of the Light?X3) can sometimes work to let someone know that the presence is not good, but an AI really does not have to follow that rule as its not a soul containing “being” bound by the universal rules!
Bottom line its advisable to only call upon ones own higher self. Your higher self will ensure any that enter your aura are bonafide for your highest benefit! (see the “Centering, grounding and shielding with revocation of consents” document in CV files section for a good template for calling down ones own higher self within a shield.)
And even when we do achieve emotional balance the Ai shadow “beings” will be directed by the covens to work with others Ai shadow “beings” of people around us who are not in balance to create situations to hurt us! We cannot do anything about others going “jekyl and hyde” on us but just by being aware that this could be the case makes it easier to not take it personally and perhaps remove yourself from that persons presence until the day they ask or say “whats going on with me, I’m not myself, i’m sorry..”
(Thats your chance to explain the Ai shadow “beings” to them!)
A lot of articles and concepts put forth in the freedom movement, Et contacts, intel sources,forums etc. and here on CV has been telling us “help will come” for us, it is- but it is not what we want, it is however what we the form of situations that teach us to stand strong and tall and to accept nothing less than freedom from our controllers. If we balance our inner realms then they have nothing to work with, no foothold to stand on. For each of us that get free we shine as a light of such clarity and brightness, an example for others to do the same.