Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Threat from Artificial Intelligence – Not just Hollywood Fantasy

I gave DW an abbreviated briefing on the meetings "Gonzales" attended in my absence. There are details on the Draco Federation Alliance meeting where the Committee of 200's "Chairmen" were in attendance. One of whom is a VERY well-known policy maker and NWO figure who has established "Think Tanks" in the USA and I believe EU. This included the Draco Royal Whites "Threat" and further Intel around their Agents working to cause some "False Flags" in the near future to build up "Loosh" for their cause. I have been ordered to release the more disturbing information to everyone but am trying to balance it in a way that will not build anxiety/fear and aid the enemy is procuring Loosh. Some of this Intel involved some of the Extra-Dimensional Overlords that the Draco apparently report to and who are also responsible for the ET/ED AI problem that has plagued multiple galaxies in our Space/Time/Reality. (Interesting Article on AI)…/
There was also a more positive meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir and the Human Like "ET Super Federation" (Of many Federations, Confederations, Councils etc...). This was an interesting meeting and it was nice to hear some positive information and outcomes after the threats from the desperate Draco Federation Alliance.
I will be releasing that update after I complete the Q&A's for Michael Salla for his new article regarding the Mars Colony Inspection.
I am attempting to find a way to release the info from Gonzales recent meetings in a way that is not reeking off "Fear Porn". However some of the information will be a little uncomfortable.
Do know that there are some False Flag Financial and Terrorist plans in the works by the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates. Just know that any things that may slip through the cracks is orchestrated by them and try not to feed into the Loosh they are trying to generate with your own Anxiety or Fear.
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