Thursday, June 11, 2015

William Cooper

Surrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would impede us from leading productive lives. In an effort to carve out as trouble-free an existence as possible, many of us turn away from such thoughts. Yet a few choose to make it their business to explore and expose these very mysteries, and help remind us that things are rarely as they appear on the surface. William Cooper ‒ ex-naval officer, decorated veteran, shortwave radio broadcaster, lecturer, author, and underground renegade for truth ‒ was one of these individuals. He strikingly predicted 9/11 more than ten weeks in advance, and even told us who would be blamed from the get-go. Less than eight weeks after the fateful attacks, William Cooper was dead ‒ shot and killed under questionable circumstances at home. Did his affinity for seeking and sharing the truth cost him his life? This is his story…
“Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands.” ‒William Cooper

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