Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Beast War On Christmas with Jade Helm West Shock Al Nusra Terrorists Here

Jade Helm Terrorist Training has Begun in the Jefferson State here in Redding and Pigs have been arresting the Homeless for being Homeless so Obamalaw is now in Redding. When 30% of the Population is Homeless then this means after the Roundup of Homeless guess who will be arrested next? YOU!! For Water Violation!! Jerry Brown with Obama are controlling the use of Water and Food. This Whole Water Scam is to Stop Organic Farming and of course to control the Population so the War Pigs are here, Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings Oh Lord Yes. They are Training to Take You Over and We the People Need to Resist and Detest Jade Helm and Obamalaw


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